How Using a Camping Packing List Makes Your Camping Trip Less Stressful

A lot of hunters also like to go camping and if you make up a camping checklist, it will help make your trip a lot less stressful. Nothing like getting halfway to your destination and then realizing you forgot something. Or worse yet, you don’t remember till you’re in the middle of the woods that you left something behind at the house or simply forgot to buy it in the first place, especially if it’s something essential that you won’t be able to buy now that you’ve set up camp.So whether you’re going on a camping trip with your fellow hunters or planning a get-away in the wild with your family on vacation, you should definitely have a camping checklist made up ahead of time.Some of the key things you may want to plan ahead for are easy camping meals and other camping food ideas, especially if you’re going to be camping with kids. You want things to eat that the kids will like but that are also going to be easy to pack and easy to make.For instance, unless you plan on taking a generator and your microwave, already prepared meals that you just heat in the microwave aren’t going to be good things to pack.And if your outdoors adventure includes sleeping in the family camping tents and not in an RV or cabin, make sure all the sleeping bags, air mattresses and tents are ready and still in good shape from the last time you used them.The best way to make up your camping checklist is to mentally go through an entire day of camping and write down all of the stuff you use during the day, from when you get up in the morning till you go to bed at night. If you use it, put it on the list and you won’t forget to pack it.After you make up the packing list, you can go through it to see what things need to go on your supplies list of things to buy or replace, like tents, pillows, linens, and any other gear and camping supplies. Be sure to cross off those items as you buy them so you won’t forget any of them.Another time saver is to start shopping early for your camping supplies and buy them online, which saves time because you can window shop and price shop, make your purchases and have them shipped right to your door. Now how’s that for making your camping trip less stressful, even before you leave the house!Then the night before you leave, check off the items on the packing list as you get them ready to pack in the car. Then go through the list one more time before you drive away and you won’t have that ‘I think I forgot something’ feeling during your trip.